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Acrylic Shield Barriers For Offices

Various steps are being taken across the corporate sector to decrease the risk of Coronavirus. The use of protective shields, in addition to masks, has emerged as a critical way of preventing the spread

To return to work safely and confidently after COVID, protection barriers are essential. In stock and ready to ship, ProShield Philippines Acrylic Shields are available. Whether looking for a sneeze guard for sale or acrylic barrier shield Philippines, look no further!

What Are Acrylic Shield Barriers?

Known also as technical glass, acrylic shield barriers are composed of acrylic glass.

Glass made of acrylic is renowned for its lightweight, shatter resilience, and flexibility, among other things.

Translucent acrylic glass is perfect for long-lasting image printing. Despite its versatility, acrylic glass is a material that may be used both inside and outside.

Researchers have developed Acrylic Glass Shield Barriers, a short-term answer to the world's most complex struggle of the century.

Some of the most effective sneeze guards near me are made of acrylic. The substance is half the weight of ordinary glass.

It is more robust, more vigorous, does not fracture, and can tolerate temperature fluctuations of up to 320°F. It's also waterproof and resistant to extreme weather.

Furthermore, acrylic sign displays are less prone to scratches and abrasion. Another advantage is that it is available in various hues and finishes, including clear, frosted, mirror, and tinted.

Its transparency and high-end appearance make it ideal for constructing protective shields.

Reasons to Get Acrylic Barrier Shields Philippines:

Listed below are some of the reasons why workplaces need Acrylic Shield barriers:

Recommended By CDC:

CDC, "COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings," says coronavirus shields are required for safe workplaces. As important as it is to create socially distancing floorplans for employees, shields ensure their safety as they travel around the office.

"If social distancing is not a possibility, use transparent shields or other physical barriers to separate staff and visitors." - The Centers for Disease

Offer Flexibility:

The post-COVID workplace must be very adaptable, allowing you to respond swiftly and confidently to new facts.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard can be utilized on desks, conference tables, and anywhere else; physical separation is required.

You can move your shields wherever you need them because they are lightweight and easy to construct.

Source Of Essential Safety:

Shields that encircle each of your employees act as "sneeze guards," shielding your team members from particles in coughs, sneezes, and talks.

Acrylic glass is simple to clean and disinfect, requiring only a wipe with soap and water or a disinfectant wipe to provide peace of mind in every personal workstation and conference room.

Act As Communication Initiators:

Using transparent shields gives you peace of mind without establishing visual barriers that might interfere with your organization's accessible communication.

Although some office products may cause anxiety, acrylic shields are visually light and allow your team to preserve the open work environment that existed before COVID 19.

Easily Customizable:

Various companies offer plenty of customizable options for acrylic sneeze guards, making them personalized for each company by understanding their needs.

So, you can quickly get one that satisfies your needs in the best way possible.

Invest in durable and well-made acrylic sneeze guards. Contact us at or


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