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Are Acrylic Counter Shields Worth It?

Yes, they are!!

Acrylic Counter Shields are commonly used items to protect your table from the wear of use and abuse. Each time you remove a model from the table, you'll notice minor wear marks across the board from where each base has been placed down.

Shields are designed to reduce this wear by providing an extra material layer between the models and your tabletop surface.

Edges of Acrylic Counter Shields

The first thing you may notice about proper acrylic shield covers is that they have two different edges: arched and straight line-like ones.

  • The arched edge is meant to protect the blade from getting dulled when somebody accidentally bumps into it with their elbow.

  • The straight line-like edge is used for cutting things that you'd like to transfer directly into a bowl or pot – without pushing them away from the blade first.

Folds of Acrylic Counter Shields

The proper acrylic shield covers are folded. They do so to fit into tight spaces and to save space for other things. Standing up against each other, folded shields take almost no space at all – not much more than your cutting board.

Folding Options to Choose

There are three folding options: Flat, Half-flat, and Flat with a crease. The easiest choice is to go for half-flat shields because they take the least amount of space when you aren't using them; they don't fold at all and stand up against each other.

Pros of Acrylic Counter Shields

  • Shields are cheap to purchase, costing as little as $3 for a standard dimension sheet.

  • Existing models can often be repurposed as shields by simply removing them from their bases and setting them to one side.

  • A small shield can be used to protect an entire unit easily. Select a model in the unit, and the plastic will cover all.

  • They can be used for cutting meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits – anything you'd like to add to your recipes.

  • They allow you to paint your army theme into the details on top of it.

  • You can get them in any shape, color, or size you want.

  • There is no chance of coming into contact with water or liquids since they won't absorb anything from the tabletop.

  • They provide more protection to your tabletop than other materials.

  • If you have an army that uses the square plastic bases from Games Workshop, these are an excellent option for protecting your gaming surfaces.

Cons of Acrylic Counter Shields

  • The only "real" disadvantage to using acrylic counter shields is that they can be chipped or cracked repeatedly. They may also scratch easily if placed on rough terrains such as gravel or stone.

However, it should be noted that these covers can easily scratch or crack if their owners do not give them the proper care and attention! A quick search online shows many examples of custom-made shields cracked and broken by pets, sharp objects on the table, or even house guests.

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