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Customized Face Shields

COVID-19 outbreak is on the rise in many parts of the world. People are increasingly accepting the usage of face masks in conjunction with social distance and frequent hand washing as one of the most efficient methods of preventing the transmission of the virus.

However, clear plastic face shields and exhalation valves in place of cloth or surgical masks are also on the rise. Comfort is a significant component in this surge in usage, especially when compared to conventional masks.

What Is A Face Shield?

Face shields consist of a curved plastic or Plexiglas panel affixed to a headband that may be worn over the face to protect it from flying particles and debris.

So, there is no space between the band and the forehead, it should be snugly fitted.

In addition, the shield should reach past the chin because that's the whole point of a face shield.

According to Frank Esper, the pediatric infectious disease specialist, "Because they extend down from the forehead, shields protect the eyes as well as the nose and mouth."

Wide Usage Of Face Shields:

Patients have been intubated using COVID-19 for a long time, and face shields have become a standard piece of equipment for medical workers.

A multitude of medical procedures needs the use of face shields. Any surgery or treatment where bone fragments, blood, or other body fluids might go into the eyes, nose, and mouth is included in this category.

Do Face Shields Prevent Coronavirus?

Considering the widespread use of Face Shields by frontline workers and opting for personalized face shields Philippines, it is evident that face shields are pretty effective to use.

A number of studies have been done to understand the effectiveness of face shields.

According to research in 2014, a face shield decreased exposure by 96 percent when tested against an influenza-infused aerosol at a distance of 18 inches. It also reduced surface contamination of a respirator by 97% using the face shield.

As Dr. Esper explains, "it protects you, the user." Although the face shield is away from your face when you cough, the droplets can escape better than if you had a mask on.

So, it shows that face shields are very effective and can substitute for cloth masks that keep you struggling to breathe.

How To Clean Face Shields?

We know this virus prefers to survive on plastic over porous materials like fabric, paper, or cardboard. The face shield should be cleaned every time it is taken off.

You can use an antibacterial wipe, alcohol pad, or soap and water to sanitize your face shield before using it.

Be sure to stop using your face shield if it has a crack or has been damaged. Face shields may be purchased in bulk from a variety of sources.

For instance, if you live in the Philippines, you can get various sources to buy face shields in bulk by searching for face shields for sale Phillippines.

In this way, you may quickly dispose of the broken face cover and replace it with another.

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