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Guide to Setting Up Effective Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Effective acrylic sneeze guards don't protect people from sneezes; instead, they protect your visitors from themselves. They also help prevent people from bumping into objects, such as bar stools and counter edges. Acrylic Sneeze Guards are an easy way to keep your customers and employees safe from these types of injuries that can occur in bars, restaurants, and pubs.

Well, not only do they look much better than leaving your table open, but they provide a great line of sight blocking as well. They help eliminate the problems caused by flying particles of contaminated food, blood spatter from cuts on hands and arms, and contamination if a worker sneezes while handling food.

Steps to Set Up Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Here is a three-step easy guide to set up acrylic sneeze guards:

  • First Step - An attachment such as a thread, wire, cable, or rope should be used to hold the sneeze shield in place during the first few minutes of use to prevent it from sliding about within the mouth.

  • Second Step - The second phase consists of the following step: Attach the second end of the wire to the ceiling in the same way as the first end, making sure that it is firmly attached to the top using a magnet, clip, or hook as before. If you want to go to the third level, you must take a step back and assess your current circumstances.

  • Third Step - Make any necessary changes to ensure that the sneeze guard hangs level and is at a suitable height for the user.

Note: Acrylic Shields are sold under many different brand names and can vary in size and shape depending on the manufacturer. The most popular size is 40 x 60cm, but you can also find 54 x 74cm sizes as well. Choose the size as per your place.

While acrylic is easy to clean, it doesn't last forever. The guards can be damaged by falling objects such as pots and pans, sharp utensils, hand washing with harsh chemicals, and scouring pads- especially when wet. It's essential to handle these devices carefully to keep them in good working condition.

Ways to Clean Your Sneeze Guards

Following are several ways you can clean your sneeze guards, depending on the severity of the mess.

  • Place the sneeze guard in a sink with some soap and warm water for five minutes or so. Let the sneeze guard soak for an extended time.

  • Use moderate amounts of water in this process so the guards don't get knocked off balance while workers are using them to prepare food.

  • Use a duster or paper towel to take out any visible residue and dry with another clean paper towel or rag.

  • The best way to clean a sneeze guard is with an acrylic cleaner.

  • When cleaning acrylic sneeze guards, it's essential to clean them from the top down and then on the bottom of the device.

All sneeze guards need to be cleaned at least weekly if they're being used regularly, and more often, they have dried food, liquids, or debris on them. Once a month, it's an excellent idea for an employee to wipe down all surfaces with vinegar and water. It will help remove any build-up that might have gotten trapped in the seal of the guards.

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