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Swab Boothing Stations

With the rise of CoronaVirus in the world, new preventive measures are needed to survive. Many companies have come up with new solutions and strategies to tackle the spread of this disease.

Apart from sanitizers and masks being a necessity and incorporating temperature screening areas, a new and more protective measure has also been taken known as Swab Booth Testing by businesses and organizations to prevent the spread of this disease.

Who Introduced This Idea?

A hospital in South Korea first came up with the idea of coronavirus testing booths that look like phone booths and allow medical professionals to check patients from behind a plastic screen.

This idea is now being widely used throughout the world to ensure safe coronavirus screening.

Technical Features:

  • The module of boothing stations is mounted on a supporting frame and, therefore, readily transportable, which is vital for rapid response.

  • It requires no assembly and is entirely plug-in system-ready.

  • The transparent glass barrier between the patient and healthcare worker provides maximal safety by eliminating any possibility of contact and subsequent contagion.

  • By using a safe method of removing collected samples from the cabin, contamination risks are minimized/eliminated for the collected samples and the environment.

  • Powerful air ventilation speeds up the drying/aeration process after sanitization, decreasing the downtime between tests on the system.

The overall design of these booths is similar to that of our classic guard buildings, with the same wall materials and the exact basic dimensions as a standard, one-person booth.

The front of these booths has an extra-large plexiglass window, and glove ports are built into these windows.

This design creates a barrier between the health care professional inside and the individual being tested, allowing for rapid testing from patient to patient.

Furthermore, because these booths are very portable, they may be quickly picked up and transported from one location to another.

How is it Useful?

  • While saving time and money, the phone booth adheres to the idea of social distance. When health personnel is collecting samples from suspected patients, their safety is ensured by this.

  • Health workers don't have to replace their protective equipment (PPE) kit after every sample with this. Medics will collect samples from the glass booth and send them to a lab for analysis.

  • This device is a unique, low-cost portable unit placed on a vehicle and moved to any location.

  • In Covid-19 hotspots and border crossings, this mobile device will be convenient for collecting samples.

How does it Function?

To take a swab sample, a person standing in line will be requested to approach close to the kiosk and follow the instructions given over a public address system.

Unprotected health workers enter the kiosk and take the sample. They then follow up with sanitization before obtaining the following sample.

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