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Our Products

ProShield Philippines offers a wide array of COVID-19 protective gears. We are the experts in the fabrication of customized acrylic sneeze guards, counter shields and car partitions in the country. Apart from these barriers, we also supply personalized face shields, contactless door openers, aerosol boxes, testing stations and other acrylic products.

Only trust the specialists in protective gear fabrication - trust ProShield Philippines.

Contact us now and request for a site inspection.


Provide extra protection for your fellow colleagues without having to rearrange your office layout by using our range of OfficePro Shields.  We offer customizable table guards made of durable acrylic which are available in various thickness to cater all of your desk protection needs.



Apart from our customized line, ProShield Philippines also have pre-sized acrylic barriers for desks and counter tops. Just contact us and we'll help you decide which of the options will best suit your needs.



Avoid directly touching door knobs or elevator buttons using our custom door openers. These are customizable so it is perfect for personal use or a functional gift.



Serve customers confidently and safely at your hair salon, restaurant, bank, spa, with our RetailPro Shields. Our products are made from high quality acrylic that will surely last. We have a range for both standard and custom sizes to seamlessly integrate with your store furniture.


Fashion meets protection with our personalized face shields and visors. They don't just look good bit also gives you extra protection against splash.


Your sanitizing solutions must be easily accessible to your customers and employees. Install them near entrances and exits using our custom acrylic holders.


Get fit and healthy while worrying less about those around you with GymPro Shields. With a maximum height of 8 feet, our shields can be utilized in a multitude of configurations and sizes. These can be used to partition treadmills, host fitness classes and more.



We offer high quality and durable aerosol boxes for hospital or clinic use. This is a great investment to protect both medical staff and patients from droplets during operations.



Keep you medical supplies or important files neat and organized. Avail our custom acrylic dispenser and get big discounts if you order in bulk.



Travel confidently with with our TravelPro Shields. An ideal investment for cars, buses, PUVs, FXs for driver and passenger protection. We can produce sturdy shields that are easy to clean and securely fastened onto your vehicle.



Fortify your staff's protection during the swabbing procedure by utilizing a testing station on top of your PPEs. We follow the standard dimensions & features to ensure optimal protection.


In need of a supplier of acrylic signs and markers? ProShield only uses premium acrylic materials for our items so you can be assured that they will last.

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