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Acrylic Glass Shield Barrier for Restaurants

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Despite the pandemic, restaurants worldwide are striving to continue in-person eating while adhering to social distance guidelines.

The acrylic shield is the future of dining during the pandemic.

In restaurants, cafeterias, and other commercial eating facilities, sneeze shields made of glass or plastic have been a regular sight for many years. However, their use has extended during the pandemic when eating in restaurants has become a dream for many.

What is Acrylic Glass?

Acrylic glass, often known as technical glass, is a material Aircraft and car manufacturers rely on it. It is lightweight, highly flexible, and has shatter-resistant properties.

Acrylic glass, made of translucent plastic, combines fine and durable characteristics, ideal for long-lasting picture prints. Acrylic glass is a versatile material that may be used both indoors and outdoors.

Why Does Your Restaurant Need Acrylic Glass Shield Barriers?

With clear plastic barriers and acrylic sneeze screens, you can help preserve social space and physical separation while protecting yourself from splashes and spray.

There have never been more searches being conducted for acrylic sneeze guards near me, cashier shields, sneeze guards for sale, acrylic sneeze guards, and other clear barriers. To continue operations, commercial businesses must use acrylic sneeze barriers to comply with safety regulations.

Acrylic Glass Shields and Covid’19 Protection:

Even though the first glass sneeze bar was introduced in 1959, these essentials are most important these days when the world is fighting the worst of pandemics in history.

To protect employees and guests from the COVID-19 epidemic, an acrylic glass shield is essential.

In addition to serving as a salad bar and buffet separators, these protective separation devices are also known as germ guard and sneeze guards.

Dining tables, bars, cashier stations, and other places where customers or staff need to be separated from one another are great places to use them.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Acrylic Glass Shield Barriers:

They must be handled as contaminated surfaces and cleaned according to a specified process since partitions intercept breathing droplets.

Clean non-touched parts of a partition daily; touchy parts (such as hands going through and contacting a soft plastic flap) should be cleaned twice daily or more often if noticeably dirty.

Acrylic Shield Barriers - A Road to Normalcy:

Shield barriers and protective equipment have helped restore some sense of normalcy to public and professional life amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Using this material, restaurants have started to provide dine-in services to their customers without the risk of contracting the virus.

With a high-quality acrylic sneeze guard and acrylic shield for use in social distancing barriers and personal protective equipment (PPE), plenty of organizations are delighted to assist in the battle to halt the spread of COVID-19.

One of these companies is ProShield Philippines, which has provided acrylic barrier shields to the Philippines to play their active part in the battle against coronavirus.

Invest in durable and well-made acrylic sneeze guards. Contact us at or


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