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Acrylic Shield Barriers for Banks

This is a no-brainer for banks and credit unions to continue to function during this challenging period.

Installing commercial acrylic shields and acrylic sneeze guards at your bank's counters and other client-facing locations will give crucial needed protection.

Sneeze guards can create a physical barrier in most sections of your business.

While financial institutions worldwide are implementing several measures to protect workers and consumers alike, a physical barrier is a safer solution that all parties will undoubtedly enjoy.

Safety Tip: We propose putting markers in queue areas and throughout your reception and front desk space. They will help assist customers in maintaining the correct social distance of six feet apart.

These modifications may result in a completely different experience than your consumers are accustomed to.

What Are Acrylic Glass Barriers For Covid?

Like a glass panel, these barriers are constructed of acrylic, a thermoplastic that is translucent like glass. Acrylic glass is also known as Plexiglas by specific individuals.

Plexiglas is a trademarked term that dates back to 1933.

Why Are Acrylic Glass Barriers Important For Covid?

While there is currently little research on the effectiveness of barriers in preventing the spread of COVID-19, the Government recommends installing physical barriers to help reduce exposure to the virus:

"Where physical distancing cannot be maintained, consider installing physical barriers, such as plexiglass/transparent barriers, at workstations to create a barrier between individuals."

Acrylic glass, in essence, provides an extra layer of protection against big respiratory droplets dispersed by coughing and sneezing.

Acrylic shields are employed as a preventive precaution, in addition to wearing masks and physical distance.

Benefits of Acrylic Glass Barriers:

When it comes to COVID, you may question why acrylic glass is so popular as a physical barrier. Many individuals opt to utilize acrylic glass for their physical barriers for the following reasons:

Acrylic glass is:

  • Durable and resistant to breakage

  • Easy to transport and adapt

  • Barriers such as tempered glass or polycarbonate are more costly.

  • Readily available

  • The surface is smooth and transparent

  • it's easy to clean and disinfect

Usage Of Acrylic Glass Barriers:

Currently, acrylic glass barriers may be found in nearly every institution, organization, and business. In the cafeteria, you may have seen an acrylic glass shield barrier or in front of your child's teacher's desk at school.

Other areas where these obstacles may be found include retail stores, businesses, medical & dental clinics, day spas/daycare facilities, and banks. Other places where these barriers can be found include grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and hotels/airports.

As the environment changes, so do the types of acrylic glass shield barriers that are used.

Keep Your Businesses Safe With Acrylic Glass Shield Barriers:

If you are looking for acrylic barrier shields Philippines or sneeze guards for sale, there would be no better option than ProShield Philippines.

With customized sizing options, you can get your acrylic shield personalized as per your business needs and requirement.

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