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Acrylic Shield Barriers for Gyms and Salons

It’s been a year since we are stuck in quarantine. With plenty of trends coming and going, the trend for gyms and salons is still going on pretty well.

While half of the population is busy working on their fitness goals, the other half is busy improving their physical appearance and giving more time to themselves by visiting salons.

Whether it be a manicure, pedicure, getting the new trending lob, or working out for your dream physique, people are making changes to their personality to look more attractive when it all ends.

But ever wonder what is making these gyms and salons so safe to remain open during the pandemic?

What Are Acrylic Shield Barriers?

Acrylic shield barriers are glass barriers made up of Acrylic glass material, also known as technical glass.

Acrylic glass is famous for its exceptional properties like light weightedness, high shatter resistance, and flexibility.

Acrylic glass, made of translucent plastic, combines delicate and durable characteristics, ideal for long-lasting picture prints. Acrylic glass is a versatile material that may be used both indoors and outdoors.

While the world is fighting the most brutal battle of the century, researchers have come up with a short-term solution to decrease the spread of this disease by inventing Acrylic Glass Shield Barriers.

These barriers serve as acrylic sneeze guards by not allowing water droplets and other debris to pass through them. It also helps maintain social distancing between individuals in crowded places like restaurants, gyms, and salons.

Are Acrylic Shields Really Effective against Covid’19?

Nail salons, barbershops, restaurants, and casinos are among the businesses struggling to reopen safely during the epidemic.

To prevent staff and customers from contracting the virus, they are building protective barriers.

As soon as WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic and suggested installing glass or plastic barriers to minimize exposure to COVID-19 in March, the orders began pouring in like a storm.

When it comes to the coronavirus, barriers can help prevent big droplets from being transferred by coughing or sneezing. Still, smaller drops can also disseminate the virus, so it is essential to wear masks at all times despite acrylic glass shield barriers.

How Are Acrylic Shields Being Used In Gyms And Salons?

Gyms are using acrylic shields in between different equipment and machines so that people can exercise without the risk of catching this disease. It is an aluminum frame placed in the middle of two machines as a practitioner.

By doing so, it is possible to increase the number of stations in your space without exposure when it comes to Gyms and Fitness Centers, where safety is a must.

While most of the gyms have gone online, the only gyms that are open during these times have acrylic barrier shields Philippines.

These barriers serve as acrylic sneeze guards and catch the disinfectants and water droplets from passing through.

Not only gyms but salons have also been searching for acrylic sneeze guards near me to work efficiently during these crucial pandemic times as it has become the need of time.

If you are searching for an excellent acrylic barrier shield in the Philippines, there are various options available in the market. However, the best one is ProShield Philippines.

Invest in durable and well-made acrylic sneeze guards. Contact us at or


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