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Quick Tips in Choosing the Right Sneeze Guard For Your Business

Don't know which sneeze guard to choose? We have listed below a few quick tips to help you determine the right sneeze guard to use for your business.

Ensuring Visibility

Products on display must be visible to the consumer so they can easily make selections. Severely scratched and damaged sneeze guards protrude a negative impression of both the product and the establishment. Clear acrylic sneeze guards allow for an unobstructed view and enable them to select quickly.

Angle and Height

A sneeze guard's positioning considers the height of the typical customer. This arrangement also depends on the height of the structure that is holding the product.

The sneeze guard structures should be fixed as not to be moved by the customer.

Understanding the Guidelines and Regulations

Be familiar with the specific regulatory requirements for sneeze guards. Knowing the ordinances, laws, and health regulations are critical.

It is necessary to replace sneeze guards when they become cracked, scratched, or when the shields show severe wear and tear.

Sneeze Guards Particulars

Sneeze Guards suppliers, such as ProShield Philippines, consider these factors when specifying a sneeze guard:

Purpose: The sneeze guard should be suitable for its use.

Design: The design should be practical while leaving enough space.

Installation: The sneeze guard must be placed appropriately and should not interfere with the customer's accessibility.

Learn more about the complete line of sneeze guards options of ProShield Philippines by sending us a message at


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